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No man’s *cough* sky. But I like it

This reminds me of no man’s sky, and I think it’s great to have on a phone

Love the game but

The game is beautifully designed but it gets repetitive after a while and some of the mechanics lose their purpose, like if I obtain all the upgrades at the station then what’s my drive to “search for crystals” in missions? I think the game itself is doing well, but I would try to add more features to it, I can even see the maps of the planets are huge and they are often barely utilized to their true potential. I also agree that more armors, customization and gear (new robots?) would make the game far more enjoyable.

Love It

I’m a YouTuber looking for a new game to host....I would love for you guys to sponsor a video @TPanda


I want it to save every thing



Fun but it needs something more

Pretty fun at first but after a week, it’s same old same old. Almost no difference between each challenge. No rewarding feeling. I think the game has good foundation with a lot of room for improvement.

Liked it at first, pretty unimpressed now

Been playing for about 2 months now. Game play is amazing despite a few glitches, such as, when using strafe you can easy get stuck then get killed due to not being able to move or defend your self. Another thing I've noticed today was when trying to earn spare money, I would complete the offers but then never get the coin rewards, it's was a complete waste of about a half hour. I'm starting to notice too many little things about the game that are starting to ruin it entirely for me so I hope it still in the process of getting better!


Fun but wish there was sprinting


Enjoyable game play, and I especially enjoy that no limits on game play (such as timer charges to play levels). The farming doesn’t distract from the game at all, and the different power ups require different tactics to be effective, adding to game play. The timed competition game boards are cool too. Any purchase removes ads, and this one is worth supporting.

Deleted my data to make more money

This new update completely changed the game and erased all my guns AND parts just to unlock them again. Complete bs


Wow. it’s really really good! Try it out!

Great game, would be perfect with co-op

This is a great free game. It’s fun to customize your gear and upgrade everything. PLEASE make it the best game ever by adding a co-op mode with survival mode (play until both players die)so I can play with friends!!!!


It’s not often that I can be entertained for a long period of time from a mobile game, but I have to say that this game is one that can.

Actually Not Pay To Win

Okay yes you can buy better weapons and equipment and so on that will advance your pioneer significantly but if you’re an old school gamer that plays to win and not pays to win then this is the game for you. The best part it plays so smoothly it doesn’t even feel like you’re farming when leveling up. Overall great game.

No mans Sky lite

Feels like a free version of No mans sky

Buenísimo !!!

Este juego me recuerda a uno de mi infancia, pero mucho mejor !!!

Great game buy that now if you dont your missing out

I enjoy everything in that ammmmmazzing game 10/10 5 star rating this butters my croissant


Good concept and graphics , you can tell someone took the time to make it look nice on the outside but on the inside it’s repetitive every other map is the same with the same enemies. Not enough coins dropped for upgrades even if you do get all three stars for boss fights. Just really repetitive its not even a “grind” repetitive either ,just a upgrade , fight, upgrade ,fight , upgrade fight type of game. With all the space on each individual level they could’ve thrown in more stuff to do to make it worthwhile.

Update removed progress

Sunk a ton of coins (ie. Time) into certain mechanics and weapons that they removed or reworked completely resetting progress. Glad I didn’t waste any money like many others.

New update

Over all I’m really impressed with this game. It holds some good mechanics that I haven’t seen much of in most App Store games for a free to play. I am a little bit peeved however with the newest update most notably adding achievements. While that’s cool and all and it’s great to get some free gear for putting in that extra effort; I did put a lot of time into this game when it first came out so I’m pretty well up there in the levels. So I’m a little upset that some of the weapons now require a certain number of achievements to be reached in order to obtain the weapon when the weapon was something that you got from leveling up previously. i.e. the minigun in particular. I spent a long time working up to the all powerful minigun and put tons of coins into making it strong but with this update it made the fun require trophies now so it was taken from me along with the upgrades I had put into it. This is really upsetting in my opinion I kind of find that to be a major stab in the back from the developers.

Update remove my crystals and base

The new update removed all of my crystals and base progress and added a trophy room....I’m disappointed. How am I supposed to upgrade my space pioneer’s armor and robot companion?

Can we copystrike pewdie....

Is there a way for us to view the recent updates list of changes?

Great game

Space pioneer is a great game for mutabil reasons.


This is one of the games you could be playing for hours that’s why I like this game.😀😀😀😃🙂😍

Please read

Hello creators! I loved your game the moment I got it, but I want to make a suggestion. You should make an online mode where you can have friends and fight against them or fight with them. That would make it TEN times better.

Game doesn’t work

The game doesn’t work. It keeps saying that it’s under maintenance for 2 days now

Ad bait

Love the game, but the “earn coins” option needs major work. Every link leads to a site that requests your information which leads to junk mail and a call list. These “quick surveys” have no end and leads to being prompt to sign up for an outside subscription before it can be completed. Great game, but don’t let the need for coins trap you into using this scheme. I’ll gladly change the rating to 5/5 once it’s addressed.

Good but....

The controls, the graphics, and the basic mechanics are great, but they re use the same basic maps over and over and they literally use the same exact monsters too...

Pew pew

This game is so awesome and so addictive I started playing last night and I already have the machine gun I don’t want to stop playing

Good game some lag

The game is great and fun but there are bugs in the game. It just freezes in the middle of a fight and then goes back to normal and one time didn’t so I had to shut it fix that and you get 5 stars. I’ve reas other comments and I’m not the only one with this issue and is not my phone I’ve an IPhone 8 Plus.

No ads

Charge me for a real game and I’ll gladly pay. It amazes me that some reviewers are ok with watching ads in order to continue playing a game. It’s become commonplace and folks are starting to consider it the norm. Yeah. Thanks for the free game but if you charge me and get rid of the ads, l’ll you’ll have my support with my wallet.

The Awesome mobile version of “Hell’s Diver”

Basically the mobile version of Hell’s Diver.

A great game in my opinion

Enjoyable gameplay,beautiful graphics and an amazing style not a pay to win nor a here just play our game it’s easy and family friendly give a try you want regret it but can u plz fix a problem where the game sometimes freezes for a couple of seconds

Pretty sweet

I’m very surprised at how IOS gaming is coming along, love the graphics, response is sweet as hell too.

Hide things

This game combines many of the gameplay options that I enjoy into one game. Would like to see more exploration options in the levels. Hidden caves with chests, switches, etc. Great game

Good game but...

I would like to state that this game has more game depth then most triple A titles, furthermore, the mechanics and the interface are quite good and easy. I rated the game 4 stars only because of the forced ads and the loot boxes.

Best game ever

This game is the best dood your graphics wow just wow I’m amazed best rpg game ever


Good game

Space pioneer

This game is awesome but it would be more awesome if you add new weapons and more gear

Very good

Kinda like a doom clone but with its own original style and art I like what you’ve done the game has tons of potential very fun game

New ideas

This game would be even greater if you added an open world exploration update. Like each week there can be a planet that we can explore and find resources that are exclusive to that planet. It can be accessed three times daily and would reset the counter every day until the next week finishes. Players would have like 15 min to explore or they can die from bosses. Players can choose to do other objectives while exploring the new planet by researching things that can upgrade our base even more.

You need this game in your life.

I did, and I don’t regret a thing. Fantastic game by an amazing and caring team. Pure win!

Doesn’t work on my iPhone 8

I have a 3 month old iPhone 8 fully up to date and this app just doesn’t open. I have redown loaded it and same issue app will not open.


I think this game could be the best if it had co-op and PVP that’s all it’s missing really it’s a good game but could be the best app if it had multiplayer co-op and PVP

Tons to do

Great game its simple yet incredibly fun to play. I would recommend!

AWSOME GAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I love this game a lot it's the best game well space game greatest graphics evin tho it's Polly I love it worth EVERYTHING

Great game

Great game. Love it.

Can’t connect to server

I have tried to play multiple times but I can’t connect to the server it says check your internet connection while I have full bars. I’ve even tried uninstalling it and reinstalling it but that still didn’t work!

I like the gameplay, but there are issues

It’s ridiculous how easy it is to get enough crystals to upgrade the space lab but they got maxed out and now I have oodles of crystals with no purpose. On the reverse, it’s so hard to get enough coins to upgrade equipment and skills. I have a ridiculous number of upgrade cards for some items, and will never be able to buy them because it’s so hard to get coins. As you progress, even upgrading the older weapons is pointless because their power will never be able to match the newer ones. Some of the guns are fun, but I never use them anymore because of this. The gameplay is the sort of thing I enjoy, and while it’s very formulaic and predictable it’s an enjoyable way to waste some time while waiting somewhere.

Did not get what I paid for

This game is a good time waster. Missions get a little repetitive, but it’s not about that. I bought a pack that was supposed to increase damage for a weapon +100%. Never happened. Contacted support, no response. Meh.

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