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Heard of this game from a gameranx video, and I was not disappointed with the performance of the game on my slow 5S. So simplistic, not complicated, and a blast!

Some things to consider...

I am a pretty high level in the game. I enjoy this game quite well. Good mechanics. Easy game play. There are some major drawbacks in my opinion. First I like that you can double and triple coins by watching ads, that’s a cool concept I don’t see much in games. I do not like that after I just chose to watch two ads you force me to watch another. I can understand the need for ads but if I just chose to watch two I think it’s kinda pushy to make me watch another. Next I like that every mission is not a mission you have to get three stars in. I call it the angry bird syndrome. You get caught up trying to get that third star to the point you turn into a angry bird. That being said I think some of the star levels need to be reworked. Some stars require you to “deal the last hit with less than 25% HP” but the game has in place self healing skills that make it almost impossible to get. If I have spent most of my coins on the several self heal skills I’m healing to quick to kill the boss while under 25% HP. I would like to see more upgrades to my robot and armor as well.

Research base

I have maxed out my entire research base, and I have lots of crystals stacked up.i was wondering if you’ll add anything new to the base. Thank you

Great idea some new feature ideas

This is a great game the closest mobile game to HELLDIVERS I’ve seen so far I think it would be cool if you could find a way to implement a multiplayer/friends system that allows you to secure planets with others keep up the great work.

Got Messed Up

It was great before! Then you increased the hitpoints of all the Aliens and for some reason my little buddy always spawns in the way now, which has gotten me killed a lot.

Fun game but

This game is a blast and kind of a time waster. My only real issue is the pioneer space station. Every module caps at level 6 which then makes the space station.

Great game, maybe a little more details

I really like this game a lot. It’s fun and the visuals are great i look at. I also like how there are different styles of guns to choose from. However, the only thing I think i would add to make this game significantly better is more character skins. I think it could use a little more creativity in that regard but other than that a super fun game.

Needs an update

The game is great and all but until you level up your coin factory after a certain level you just don’t make enough money. Add new enemies and planets it’s getting a bit repetitive. And why can you only upgrade your base to level 6? Fix this please




Fantastic game! Absolutely love it. When will there be updates? I’ve maxed out the space station but there seems to be more spots where other things can be built???



Great game, a few flaws

I think this game is truly amazing. It is way above your standard arcade game that you play for an hour and then never again. I loved learning what all the abilities and weapons did, experiencing all the levels, my first attempts at the last horde level. But I think its better experienced then read about. If you are still reading this. WHY HAVEN’T YOU DOWNLOADED IT BY NOW. 👇 *Suggestions below* 👇 But this game can still be improved. I was pretty disappointed with some of the weapons you unlock later in the game. I think the fire rate and bullet speed should be listed. Because each weapon DOES have a different fire rate and bullet speed, such as the AR, tesla, flamethrower, etc, but you never actually know what they are until AFTER you purchase it. I think also it would be cool if the weapons had different perks that you could unlock or earn. (Ex: The closer the AR gets to overheating, the faster it fires or the tesla has a chance to stun enemies) Also, I do wish the game was a little more difficult, or at least had different levels of difficulty. I got to level 23 on my 2nd day, and only died a few times (when I got instakilled) although completing the last level of the horde was a challenge. The robot companion is a cool addition, but I think it’d be cooler if the player could customize it. Right now, all you can do is upgrade its health and damage, but it always keeps the same laser weapon. I also think having a co-op mode to play with other people, or just a pvp would be a really fun addition to this game. The gameplay gets sort of boring after a while, doing only the same thing over and over again. Being able to play with other people would greatly increase the time this game takes to become monotonous. Other than that, its a terrific game with lots of potential.

Amazing should add more though

Trust me this game is not a downgrade without co-op this game is actually amazing! It’s not like those other games were you play for like 15 mins and delete it feels like a real game like on a Xbox, PS4, PC. I just think they should definitely add multiplayer it would be a amazing Upgrade.

Best game of the year in my opinion

I can't picture putting this game down; the art is amazing, the enemies are aggressive, and the music makes me feel like a space pioneer for real! Definitely worthy of being the baseline of action games; yet this game deserves to stand out so that others can learn of it. Keep up the good work, you have a masterpiece.

Plz add pvp

Games is good but I’m on the last boss and after I defeat him I what i do after.can you guys pvp

Almost there

Game so far is really good. However, anytime a game asks me to login using my Facebook account just so I can save my progress automatically gets downgraded in my book. Please allow saving to iCloud.



Pass on this one...

I’ve played about 40 missions and found the game to be very repetitive and got old quick. The lack of sense of accomplishment coupled by the same game mechanics for each mission and very little to no storyline just makes out to be a game with very little player retention and no reason to return. Maybe if the game had some more features like Coop or player customization it would be worth sticking around, but for now pass on this one.

Great potential

This is a great game and has great potential, the only thing bad is that it has a tiny bit of bugs and lagging. I’m sure the creators can fix it easily.


Reminds me of the NES classic


It’s good but the worst thing is it uses internet

Cannot play

Although I downloaded this game, I can’t play it. I press the icon and it crashes.

Needs controller support

It’s a must have for a game like this, IMO.

Great game

Great game my 2nd favorite action game actually LOVE the events and over all a great game

Good game

It is very different from a lot of space games.


This game is fun and addicting but if you can add a multiplayer mode consisting up to 4 players playing missions either your friends or other people.

MUCH deeper than I expected!

The rpg aspect is very well thought out and the main game is made better with the ton of power ups.

Fun game

Spent about $5 to kick start my gear, but you don't need to spend anything. It's a pretty fun game.


This game is fun and easy to follow. All the movie references are pretty awesome and nostalgic. Also, Dev’s... where did you get the main screen theme song?! Did you make that, because it’s pretty dang epic and a throwback to the awesome 80’s/90’s epic movie instrumental songs. Love it!

Solid combat and progression system

Solid combat and progression system


This game is super cool! You play as a space bounty hunter moving from planet to planet fighting enemies and completing objectives. The game runs really smoothly and has a lot of different and really cool looking planets! Easily the best game I’ve found on the App Store in a long time.


Game is pretty cool

Sooooooo fun


Stuck in tutorial

So i used to play this game when it was in soft-launch and so when the us version came out i uninstalled the soft-launch version and got the us one and I signed into face book to get back my previous data which i did but the game just forces me to keep playing missions and upgrading my medkits like im in the tutorial. I've played like 5 missions so far and it still is forcing me to play more. This game is very fun and unique and i would love to play outside of the tutorial.

Great top down shooter!

Really fun

Incomplete, but potentially good

It feels like they had some good core ideas, and then realized that finishing a game is a lot of work, so they just slapped in three different types of currency as a revenue generator and left it at that. The good: The controls are solid, the weaponry is diverse, and the graphics are solid The bad: Play ten (quite short) levels, and you’ll see all the game has to offer. Every enemy, every objective, all of it. After that, it’s just a grind and repeat cycle. Do you have five of your six base slots filled? Congratulations. There is no sixth thing to add. They forgot that, but didn’t want to redesign the base. After you max everything out there, the one form of currency you get from the base becomes worthless. Speaking of currency, coins become a beyond tedious grind because of how the loot system works. This whole game comes across like a dedicated studio had an idea, and then gave that idea up in order to go the triple currency IAP route.


Great game, but sync does not work


Vivid games good work I’m impressed

Awesome game

Really fun


Needs to allow you to build on planets and also add multiplayer so you can build city's on planets with people!

I can't play it

Whenever I tap on the app, it loads into the first loading screen with the robot walking but just stays stuck at that screen for 5+ minutes

Gets boring fast

The base maxes out quick at level 6. No more upgrades. And the planets are the same enemies over and over and over and over again. There’s like 4 or 5 different enemies and that’s it. Lost interest.


This game is so much fun and I would definitely recommend playing it.

Original Kinda

This game is better than all the bad textured games like this and it includes new planets and levels and hard challenges so this game deserves 5 star ratings

Fun Game

This game is extremely fun and enjoyable, while quite relaxing. However, I would like more story. Maybe when we collect artifacts we find out something about that artifact and it’s role in the universe, and maybe an enemy index. When we kill a type of enemy we get info on that enemy, like it’s name; stats; environment; and when we kill a boss we find more info on the history of the boss.

Great start, but needs more features

This game is great where it’s at, but will need more features in order to sustain a solid player base. Right now the only activities in this game are story mode (which recycles the same 10 or so objectives and 3 maps over and over again) and horde mode, which is entertaining and progressively challenging. PvP and Co-op are necessities for this game and would improve it immensely. New objectives and maps for story mode to make it seem fresh opposed to the laborious feeling it currently gives. And please for the love of god buff the support drone. I’ve got it fully upgraded and it can’t even kill one of the smallest enemies by itself.

The classic shooter

This game is an amazing third person shooter, with easy controls and fun maps. For those who are disappointed with this game, find a better device or get a life.

Awesome game

Game is a lot like helldivers and it’s great this game is just awesome

Addictive as hell!

Make sure u have a neck below because you’re going to be looking down at your screen WAY more than u want to. Simply and elegant design. Super fun to play. Very hard to put down


I’m planet 100 and nothing is different from planet 1. Loved it at first but it’s gotten so boring because everything is the same over and over again. Would not recommend to anyone.

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